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Ysabel LeMay’s work is a series of hyper-realistic digital portraits of nature. Each piece is assembled from hundreds of digitally manipulated photos. 

LeMay on how nature has inspired her work:

It is here, there, all around, living, transforming, and it never ceases to enthrall and inspire me. I let her lead throughout the rhythm of the seasons. By means of my camera, I attempt to capture her subtleties and beauty in its purest form as I interpret to you her divinity as I sense it. A leaf may appear commonplace at first glance, but when our eyes linger over it, the mundane becomes something of wonder. The arrangement of colors, the shapes that define it and the veins that crisscross throughout become the personas. There is so much beauty in this world! We need only to take the time to surrender to the spectacle. My art is a tribute to Nature. It is an offering; A moment of contemplation.

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Something Wonderful in the post

Martina Flor, based in Berlin, is embarking on a charming side project to design and send around 100 lettered postcards to people she likes, loves, knows or wants to get in touch with around the world. Each will be entirely made, written and sent by her over a period of time.

Her dedicated blog, Letter Collections, documents the postcard design and receiver. I’ve picked a few of my favourites above. I’ll keep you posted if I’m lucky enough to receive one!

You maybe remember Martina’s work as part of last year’s Lettering vs. Calligraphy project and exhibition. You can see more of Martina’s work on her Tumblr.

temptthewind preguntó:

Hey! I have been following you for a while and I really love your blog! You are definitely the best art blog that I follow. That being said, do you have any suggestions of other blogs I should follow? Maybe some of your favorites? I would greatly appreciate it! :)


Thank you for your words! I’m glad you like my blog, although there are really great ones on tumblr. Mine is humble. And of course you can follow my favorites and beloved ones: 2headedsnake, bedelgeuse, from89, leslieseuffert, tomcolbieart, simonprades, devidsketchbook, yodamanu, lustik, quienesesachica, jacobvanloon, artchipel, just art, artforadults, myampgoesto11, mydarkenedeyes, thedailydoodles, martinekenblog, bookporn, joncarling, cosascool, red-lipstick, showslow, marcedith, rery, nicolasdelort, actegratuit, arpeggia, septagonstudios, gaksdesigns,miguelalmagro, oxane and my alternative blog: fuckyeahmobydick! Hugs from Argentina

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